Whether you are shopping for your first vehicle, or looking for an upgrade, there are a number of factors to consider before you settle on the right vehicle. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and for good reason.

Here are some benefits of switching to a Ford electric vehicle.

1. Helping the Environment

If you are environmentally conscious, consider switching to a Ford electric to reduce your environmental footprint.

2. Better Resell Value

When it comes time to find a new vehicle feel assured that you not only will have an easier time selling your vehicle, but you will get a better price than if you were selling a gas powered vehicle.

3. Less Maintenance Costs

Yes, electric vehicles are more expensive upfront, however, maintenance costs will be much less than if you were to choose a vehicle that runs on gas.

4. Quiet

One of the best features about Ford electric’s is how quiet they are. It makes for a much more enjoyable driving experience.

5. Government Rebates

The Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) makes it easier for Ontarians to switch to an electric vehicle. The table below shows the rebates you can receive by switching to a Ford electric vehicle.

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