In the case that you do find yourself in an emergency situation having the necessary items in your vehicle could come in extremely helpful. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

Here are 7 items that should always be in your trunk:

1. Blanket

If you ever find yourself stranded in your vehicle it is important to keep warm. Ensure that you wrap yourself up before you get cold to trap your body heat.

2. Snow Brush

For the winter months, never start a trip without brushing off your vehicle and always keep a snow brush in your trunk.

3. Warm Clothing

Keeping extra hats and mittens or even sweaters in your vehicle can come in handy if you find yourself stranded during the cold months.

4. Windshield Washer Fluid

Your windshield washer fluid can empty without even knowing which is why it is important to keep an extra jug or two in your trunk. Ensure to purchase winter rated washer fluid for the cold weather.

5. Bottled Water & Snacks

If your vehicle does break down, it can take awhile to be rescued. Keep water and snacks in your vehicle to avoid getting hungry or thirsty.

6. Phone Charger

Keep a phone charger (or two) in your vehicle in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. You want to be able to contact others.

7. First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Your first aid kit could include bandages, medical tape, compress dressings and ointment.

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