Being a Performance dealer entitles us to sell both the Shelby GT350-GT500 and the F-150 Raptor. These are limited production performance vehicles that can only be sold by Performance (formerly SVT – Special Vehicle Team) dealers. Out of hundreds of Ford dealers in Canada, only less than 50 are qualified to be Performance Dealers.

What Makes a Performance Dealer?

The criteria to be a Performance dealer is based on achieving a certain number of performance car sales (MustangFocus STFiesta ST), stocking and selling/installing performance parts. Also, we must have a minimum number of Service Technicians trained and qualified to service and repair these vehicles, and sales staff trained in product knowledge to sell them. Performance dealers are also required to maintain a high standard of customer service, which is rated by Customer Viewpoint Surveys on both service and sales experience.

Being a Performance Dealer also gives us the ability to secure extra allocation for other high demand vehicles, such as Mustang GTFocus STFiesta ST and Focus RS.

If you’d like to learn more about Ford Performance vehicles, call us at (905) 632-0686 or contact us today.