Finding Your Ford
Every year there seems to be new solutions to hunt for a new car or truck. Today, there’s an app or website for virtually everything. With so many options available to you, it is hard to know where to start sometimes, or more importantly, who to trust.

Regardless of whether you are interested in buying new, used, leasing or financing, the road to finding the right dealership and vehicle are becoming more accessible than ever before.

You can always Google Search what you are looking for, but you could spend a lot of time you don’t have sifting through a sea of listings and paid advertising. Instead, in this blog post we aim to cover the various tools and resources available to you that will guarantee a good find.

When car shopping, about 8 out of 10 shoppers use online car reviews and car dealership reviews as part of their decision-making process. As of late, reading the review section attached to a business is one of the first places people will go to in order to drive a decision. Before you visit your local dealership or car vendors, reviews can often times help you decide if a seller is trustworthy, customer success stories (or not so successful) and save you an unnecessary trips. is the world’s leading car dealer review website that helps connect consumers with the right person at the right dealership. provides more than two million service and sales reviews across North America.

You can check out Discovery Ford’s reviews here.

Auto Websites
Aside from dealership websites. There are plenty of sites that act as a marketplace for affordable car sales. Here is are few that can help you:



Test Drives
After you have perused the options above, call your local dealership ahead of time and schedule a test drive! Before making any final decisions, you can take your top choices out on the road. There is a lot you can learn by experiencing the way a vehicle drives, new or used.

Consider Your Lifestyle
What is the best Ford for you? Obviously your family, your activities, your job and your daily commute will all play a role in what your next vehicle should be. Discovery Ford can help you find a model that will best suit your lifestyle needs. Click on the button below to view our whole line-up before scheduling a test drive with us.