If you’re currently driving a new Ford model or if you’re interested in driving a new Ford, you should be paying attention to the awesome features of Ford Pass. Perhaps there’s a few things you didn’t even know this app could do! Simply put, it is there to help you navigate your vehicle and manage your automotive needs, all from your phone. Everything you’ll need to know about your Ford is in the app!

Ever forget to lock your doors? Or need to find a parking spot fast? What about even diagnosing car problems? Ford Pass can do it all. Let’s take a closer look.

Be Prepared
Avoid those annoying inconveniences by planning ahead. Find your closest gas station so you’re never stuck. While you’re at it, compare the prices in your area for the best rates. You can even find your closest Ford dealership wherever you are if you need it. Also, if you are experiencing any car troubles, request 24/7 Road Side Assistance instantly.

Better Control
Ford Pass Connect is available in all new 2018 Ford models. Although you will need to activate this part of the App, you will love it! Start your car from your phone in the winter so it is defrosted, easier to clean the ice and better yet, nice and warm before you get in. You can also lock or unlock your vehicle with just a tap. You can check oil levels and also be notified of any vehicle issues, this way you know exactly what you need a service for.

FordPay allows you to pay for your service through the app or by using ApplePay/mobile wallet. Furthermore, Ford Credit allows you to monitor and stay on top of your vehicle’s financing plans.