Ford wants you to enjoy your time behind the wheel, and has made this even easier with smart vehicle technology. Many of Ford’s 2018 vehicles come equipped with available smart technology to help keep you aware of your surroundings and ever-changing road conditions. These are the top technology features that are going to change the way you drive:

Available Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go
The available adaptive cruise control system is more than just cruise control. Choose one of four distance settings between your Ford and the vehicle in front of you. When you approach a slower moving vehicle, the Adaptive Cruise Control system slows your Ford down to maintain the gap you set. When the gap increases, your vehicle returns to the preset speed. With stop-and-go, this system can bring your Ford to a complete stop, automatically, and then return to your preset speed once traffic clears.

Another available smart feature, pre-collision assist, can alert you if it senses a potential collision with the vehicle in front of you. If you don’t react, the brakes will precharge to increase brake sensitivity and provide full responsiveness when you do brake. If you still don’t brake and a collision is inevitable, the brakes can be automatically applied by the system.

Your vehicle can also have the pedestrian detection feature. It can identify both children and adults near your vehicle: if a potential collision is detected and you fail to stop, the system can automatically apply the brakes.

Available Blind Spot Information System
Your Ford offers the available Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert to help you see what you might otherwise miss. When you’re slowly backing out of a parking space you’ll be warned if another vehicle is detected approaching from the sides. Once on the road, when you want to merge into another lane, an icon on your side mirror illuminates, alerting you if another vehicle is detected in your blind spot.

Available Enhanced Active Park Assist
Enhanced active park assist makes parallel parking a breeze. While driving slowly, it scans for an appropriate parking spot. When one is found, the system can steer your Ford into the space with a little help on your part by shifting, accelerating, and braking.

Another feature, park out assist, can virtually steer the vehicle out of tight parallel parking spaces. Before you know it, you’re out of that tight spot. With the forward and side sensing system, should you get too close to an object on either side of your vehicle, you’ll receive a warning.

Another smart feature, perpendicular park assist, scans for a parking space to see if your vehicle will fit. If the spot is suitable, your Ford can back into the spot by controlling the steering. All you have to do is shift, accelerate, and brake.

Available Lane-Keeping System
The available lane keeping system can not only help you stay in your lane, it can provide you with some peace of mind. A camera senses the road ahead and detects the lane you’re traveling in. If the system detects your car leaving the lane unintentionally, it can alert you by gently vibrating the steering wheel and/or applying steering torque to help you steer back into your lane. If the lane keeping system senses repeated drifting, a coffee cup icon appears in your message centre letting you know that it might be time to pull over and take a break.

Available CCD with Pothole Mitigation Technology
The continuously controlled damping system – CCD – with pothole mitigation monitors the vehicle inputs every 2 milliseconds from 12 different sensors so that it can react to a pothole that it detects in less than a blink of an eye.

This new technology can actually detect potholes and then send signals to the front shocks to stiffen and stop the wheel from falling so far into the hole that it doesn’t hit the other side with nearly as much force as it would without the system.

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Source: Ford Canada