Safety is second nature in the 2018 Ford Edge. Here are some highlights from one of our most popular models.

Available Enhanced Active Park Assist
Parallel parking is simple with available enhanced active park assist. When driving slowly and when activated, Edge uses ultrasonic sensors to scan for an appropriate space and signals when it finds one. With the system engaged, Edge steers you into the space while you control shifting, accelerating, and braking.

Edge can also steer you out of tight spots with available Park Out Assist. Just press the button, and Edge will give you instructions on shifting, moving forward, and moving back. The system steers you out of the space automatically, all you have to do is shift, accelerate, and brake.

Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive cruise control is a smart available feature on your 2018 Ford Edge that helps you maintain the desired pre-set safe gap from the vehicle in front of you while using cruise control. Escape can sense slowing traffic ahead, reduce your vehicle’s speed to maintain the gap, and return to your pre-set speed when traffic clears.

Lane-Keeping System
If you begin to drift out of your lane, the system will alert you by gently vibrating the steering wheel and/or applying steering torque to help you stay in your lane. If the Lane-Keeping System senses repeated drifting, a coffee cup symbol will display in your message centre, letting you know it’s time to pull over and take a break.

Front 180-Degree Camera
Edge helps you see around corners, down alleys, and out of parking spaces while driving at slow speeds. The available front camera sees 180 degrees from the left to the right and then projects the view on your in-dash screen.

Adaptive Steering
Adaptive steering, available on the Ford Edge, dynamically adjusts the steering response of the front wheels based on how fast the Edge is moving. At low speeds, adaptive steering allows the front wheels to turn more with less turn of the steering wheel, giving you more low-speed agility. At highway speeds, the system further optimizes steering response, enabling the vehicle to react more smoothly and precisely to driver input. The adaptive steering system helps precision by maintaining a direct connection to the road. The steering handling controller adjusts responsiveness automatically based on vehicle speed. This will help the driver feel more stable and can make any drive more enjoyable.

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Source: Ford Canada