OK, look. It wasn’t that long ago that Ford introduced a totally redesigned high strength, military grade aluminum alloy body F-150 right out of the space station. Well, cinch up your tool belts cause here they go again with a payload of new innovations on the new 2018 Ford F-150.


Starting under the hood, the F-150 now offers its most advanced engine line up ever. And you better believe it’s got best in class towing. Throw an available 10 speed transmission into the mix and now you’re really cooking. If you’ve been wondering if the F-150 is ever going to go diesel, the answer is a big, fat yeah. Want to talk innovation? Pull up a chair because this F-150 has got more tech than NASA. Tech like Sync Connect with Ford Pass. It lets you unlock and start it remotely, check your fuel level, and lots more. And finding your F-150 in a big old parking lot? Ford Pass can help you there, too. And get this – a Wi-Fi hot spot that can turn your F-150 into the baddest mobile office you’ve ever seen.

The new tech has got you covered on the road, too. The new F-150 can detect a pedestrian, alert you, and if you don’t brake, it can brake for you. Tow a trailer? There’s technology that can not only detect what’s in your vehicle’s blind spot, it does the same for your trailer’s blind spot, too.


And with all of that, they found time to make it look even more bad ass with a tougher design, front and rear. So what’s the reason the F-150 has been legend decade after decade? It isn’t the cup holders, pal. It’s the no compromise, no excuses, around the clock, we never close commitment to making the best trucks, hands down.

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Source: Ford Canada