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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, 22% of car crashes are brake-related. Although many of these accidents could have been prevented with proper brake replacement, it poses a larger question, what if your brakes were of poor quality to begin with? Do you know if your brake pads are made from galvanized steel? How do you know if you are receiving quality brake replacement?

If you are purchasing aftermarket brakes at the time of a brake replacement, you should proceed with caution. In this article by Autoserviceworld.com, they take a closer look at this very serious issue. They discuss in detail a harsh truth to be aware of, brake parts that are made with black steel are NOT safe. This is because, “domestic automotive service retailers are compromising vehicle safety with unregulated brake pads imported from overseas low-cost countries. As a result, consumers are purchasing these poor-quality parts, which are painted to look identical to other brake pads at retail and do not meet the same standards as OEM brake pads. The consumer or their mechanic often picks the cheapest one, without realizing the considerable danger of black steel brake pads.” Read more here: Most Brake Pads Rust Prematurely, Why Aren’t They Galvanized?

In September 2018, the Global Safety Council released a statement on the production and distribution of counterfeit brake parts, if you would like to learn more about brake safety and find helpful resources, you can visit their website here.

At the end of the day, you should not compromise your safety to save some change. Autoserviceword.com advises that “brake pads made from American galvanized steel on the other hand maintain their integrity.”
If you have a brand-new Ford equipped with engineer-approved parts and a Lifetime Warranty, then you are in good shape. Ford uses Motorcraft® Brakes and under Ford’s Protection Plan, “all genuine Ford Motorcraft replacement brake pads and shoes come with a Lifetime Warranty, so they could be the last you’ll ever buy. Brake pads and shoes are also covered by the Ford Protection Plan, which offers replacement coverage for as long as you own your vehicle.”

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Do you think you need a brake replacement? Schedule a Service with us if:

• Your brakes grab at the slightest pressure
• Your vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking
• You hear excessive squealing, grinding, chattering or groaning
• Your brake pedal or steering wheel shakes or vibrates when braking
• Your brake pedal feels different

Our experienced team of professionals will help you to ensure that your vehicle is fixed using high-quality parts and give you the peace of mind that your brakes are reliable and safe. Do not put the brakes on purchasing quality parts for your vehicle.