Ford mechanics are factory trained and licensed. They are highly knowledgeable about how Ford vehicles are built and how to service them. Ford mechanics undergo regular training to constantly improve their skills. They love what they do and take their job seriously. You should feel at ease knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by the best.

Here is a list of parts that should be serviced on a regular basis:


Your battery should always be in good working condition to avoid being stranded.


Your brakes get a lot of use, especially during the winter months. If you notice a change in the way your brakes are functioning, it’s time to get them checked out.


Lights are imperative to safe driving. You want to ensure that you are always seen by other drivers to avoid collisions, especially during bad weather.


Oil gives life to your vehicle and ensures that it runs properly and efficiently. Regular oil changes are essential to the longevity of your vehicle, which is why it is important to ensure that you are keeping up with your service appointments.


It is extremely important to choose the appropriate tires for driving conditions. Winter tires make all the difference for safe winter driving.


Ensure that your windows are properly sealed to keep you warm and conserve energy.

Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades help keep a clear line of vision. If you notice that they aren’t clearing your windshield properly, it’s time to purchase new ones.

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