Your vehicle says a lot about your personality and lifestyle. We’ve put together a list of Ford vehicles and what we think they say about the people that own them.

Learn what your Ford says about you below:

Ford Expedition

Ford Explorer owners need the extra room that the Explorer offers, but still want a vehicle that is not too big. They are most likely family oriented or involved in extra curricular activities. Planning a road trip this summer? The Ford Explorer is the perfect vehicle to transport you and your belongings.

Ford Mustang

There is a special bond shared amongst Ford Mustang owners. They appreciate the beauty of the vehicle and its history. Mustang drivers are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to the year and features of these beautiful machines. Make friends with a Mustang owner and you will be constantly learning.

Ford F-150

The owner for an F-150 has a busy lifestyle which is why they need a vehicle that can accommodate both their work and personal lives.They require a vehicle that has power, extra room and storage. The owner of an F-150 is far from boring, they are always on the go.

Ford Fusion Engergi

The Ford Fusion Energi driver is environmentally conscious. They are kind and smart individuals who want to do their part to make the world a better place. Energi drivers are forward thinking and enjoy trying out new technology.

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