An Interview with Shane Mccausland and the F-150

Leggat Discovery Ford has a number of commercial customers all of whom love the F-series trucks, particularly the F-150, the best-selling pickup truck for years. One of those customers is Thomas Solutions.  Thomas Solutions provides rental trucks on a project and long-term basis to industrial, construction and trades companies as well as municipalities.  The fleet is managed by Shane McCausland, the Director of Operations.

We wanted to ask Shane a few questions around his use of Ford vehicles.

Why has Thomas Solutions built their fleet around Ford trucks and particularly the F-150?

Shane: “The decision was made about 50 years ago actually, way before my time, and the reason at that time was simple.  They rotted slower.  Our largest customers are in the steel business and there is a lot of coal dust that builds up on the trucks and that dust and moisture causes the trucks to rust and really rot quickly.  It was felt that the Ford trucks rotted slower and extended the life of our fleet.  We have continued to utilize Ford’s vehicles as our fleet has grown over the years.  I still believe Ford’s trucks are the best built and last the longest in the environments our clients run them in.”

What F-150 trim lines do you purchase most often?

Shane: “We often purchase F-150 XLs Regular or Extended Cab 2wd for our core work truck fleet needs.  These as well as F-250 XL Crew Cab 4x4s.  We also purchase F-150 XLTs for our customers that require manager style work trucks.  We find these trucks are the perfect balance between amenity and usefulness.”

What are your thoughts about the new 2021 F-150?

Shane: “I am excited for it.  I am actually excited every year – we love Ford trucks and every year, they get better and better.  With the new 2021 F-150s, I am looking forward to seeing the new Hybrid engine, the Pro OnBoard Power, the new Sync4.”

How have you found the move to the aluminum body has affected the truck?

Shane: “I think at first, I was not sure how the aluminium would hold up from a scratch and dent perspective but now over the last couple of model years, the bodies have held up well to the wear and tear our clients but on them.  I think the most interesting thing was how we had to have customers move from magnets to stickers for their branding

I am sold on the aluminum bodies!”

If there was a feature you would add to an F-150 what would it be:

Shane: “I would like to see the F-150 Electric truck now.  I am very excited about the prospects for this truck!  When can I get one?”

If you are looking for your next F-150, we would love to have you come down to Leggat Discovery Ford, Burlington’s highest rated Google reviewed Ford dealer and talk to our sales specialists about the right new 2021 F-150 for you.