It is 2020, and if anything this year has shown us that anything is possible. We have seen the unprecedented government forced closure of many non-essential services including car dealerships. Social distancing is the new buzz word and along with mask wearing is the most important prevention method as this Covid pandemic unfolds. That being said, people still need new cars and trucks regardless of the situation.

It is not out of the ordinary to purchase everything from clothing to groceries online, why not add cars too? Shopping for the right car online has now been added to the list of things that this global pandemic has made possible. The future is now. This process does not eliminate the experience of going to the dealership but it minimizes the dealership exposure because now everything from the design, build, outfitting, options and pricing can all be done online.  You now only need to go in to pick it up to drive home.

Over the years, the internet has really changed the way people shop for cars.  Thanks to sites like autoTRADER, Kelley Blue Book, even Ford, the consumer is more aware and informed about details of the car and can compare pricing effectively and easier. Another upside is having a catalogue of options that may not always traditionally be available at the physical dealership. This in itself is one of the reasons why potential car buying customers may have to physically shop around a few dealerships before making a decision. That time is valuable and is effectively cut significantly by shopping online.

Leggat Discovery Ford would like to welcome you to our new Leggat Drive Thru solution.  Our Virtual Leggat Discovery Ford dealership. Through this tool our customers are able to-:

  • Set specific search parameters
    • New or Used
    • Lease, Finance or Cash
    • Select a budget range
    • Model type
    • Year
    • Body type
    • Key features
  • Browse through a vast variety of models.
  • Select different payment options
    • Cash
    • Lease
    • Finance
  • Get your vehicle appraised
  • Select which Service or Protection plan best suits your needs

Walking through this process is as easy as the simple steps listed above and, our team of Digital Sales Consultants are available at anytime to answer any questions you may have or walk you through the process.

The same way the internet has changed the car shopping process, it has also changed the buying experience.

We believe this online automotive shopping trend will continue to gain traction.  One may argue that this process provides more valuable data for the customer and gives the dealer an insight to what a specific customer may be looking to purchase. This creates room for stronger sales opportunities and a happy customer base.


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