It is 2020, and if anything this year has shown us that anything is possible. We have seen the unprecedented government forced closure of many non-essential services including car dealerships. Soc...Read More

An Interview with Shane Mccausland and the F-150 Leggat Discovery Ford has a number of commercial customers all of whom love the F-series trucks, particularly the F-150, the best-selling pickup tr...Read More

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, 22% of car crashes are brake-related. Although many of these accidents cou...Read More

If you’re currently driving a new Ford model or if you’re interested in driving a new Ford, you should be paying attention to the awesome features of Ford Pass. Perhaps there’s a few things ...Read More

What blood is to the body, that is oil to your car’s engine! Keeping an eye on your oil levels is a crucial part of owning a vehicle. The only problem is, when our busy lives take over, some of ...Read More

This year, Ford has made some surprising changes by deciding to cut down on the production of all cars (except for the Mustang of course), over the next four years. They will shift focus to the mo...Read More

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